BIMcontact is a cloud based document management solution for all types of projects and organizations complete with automated document flow, on-line storage, desktop app for off-line work and a unique BIM-viewer.


BIMcontact is the ideal solution for a modern cloud based document management system for building projects, facility management, internal document management and schools which involves the following:

  • Document Management

  • Activity Planning

  • Resource Management

  • Cost Management

  • Timely delivery

  • Collaborative Working

BIMcontact stands firmly with one foot in the traditional folder based document management and the other foot in the future with the built-in BIM-viewer. This makes BIMcontact future proof. BIMcontact has a smart handling of labels which are used to automate common document flows - faster and more secure. BIMcontact is 100% scalable and can handle any type of projects no matter the size. Large projects with many users and thousands of documents of various file types gain the most benefits from using labels and smart automated workflow. Using automation the administrative work with documents takes less time coupled with less risk for human errors. Access right is also a powerful tool to control files and folder access. BIMcontact can be customized to the clients needs.


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