Precast Concrete Design

Designing with precision and attention to detail, we bring your precast visions to life. With our expertise, we provide efficient and effective solutions that empower your growth, while transforming spaces and lives. Trust us to create strong foundations for your future.

Precast Concrete Design – Structural stability & Precast Elements Design

The process typically starts with receiving drawings from the architect, MEP drawings and inputs regarding the non-precast elements involved in the building. This is very crucial as they need to be integrated with the precast elements in the building structure and precast elements shop drawings have to be prepared accordingly.

Our process

Precast designing process of StruEngineers

Service we provide

  • Detailed designing of precast elements with FEM Design, Pre-Stress, and Win-Statik
  • Stability analysis (gravity/lateral) conforming to an extensive range of national and international standards
  • Feasibility study of proposed layouts based on suitability, design basis, stability analysis along with BOQ of concrete, steel consumptions
  • Precast element connection/joint design
  • Make the project structurally and economically viable
Precast concrete design services by StruEngineers

What to expect when you work with us

What to expect when you work with us

FEA Designs

Design Reports

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Precast concrete designs projects

StruEngineers offers a comprehensive range of services to the precast concrete industry. From conducting feasibility studies, if necessary, to providing both analysis and design services, we have extensive experience in delivering successful precast projects worldwide. In addition to India, our portfolio includes a significant number of successful precast design projects in countries such as Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and the Middle East.