StruEngineers designed hybrid precast structure in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. The total project area was 13,059 sq. m. This project includes three buildings. Our team completed this project in 2 months’ time. We used StruSoft’s’ IMPACT software to complete this project.


  1. StruEngineers Team designed double height Column with center cutout.
  2. Transportation and erection were difficult task as elements were fragile to carry.


  1. StruEngineers team provided center cutout with extra reinforcement
  2. As client was existing IMPACT user, we managed to work simultaneously on cloud server.
  3. Team designed a single Coolum design for multipurpose use in three buildings. This saves time and production cost.

Hybrid Precast Structures designs

Precast residential project designs

Benefits to Client

Due to IMPACT software, client was tracking the work progress in real time. This gave client clarity in project designs. Using IMPACT manager, client planned casting, erection with precision.

StruEngineers Team put effort to deliver project in less time. The cloud capability of IMPACT Software helped client. “StruEngineers Team was proactive. IMPACT tool is great way to get project ready in short time.” said the client

Our Team manage to tackle every design hurdle using IMPACT software. Project management was a very easy. Project tracking and design changes management was smooth due to the IMPACT cloud capability.

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