This case study explores the successful precast partnership between KWIK Precast, an innovative precast factory in Ireland, and StruEngineers India, their dedicated offshore service center. Over the past two years, StruEngineers has provided specialized precast technicians to KWIK Precast, resulting in numerous benefits for both companies. This partnership primarily centers around precast concrete elements used in reinforced concrete (RC) frame construction, focusing on precast columns and walls around stair cores. The key to their seamless cooperation is the utilization of StruSoft’s IMPACT BIM system, along with the integration of cloud-based technology for real-time updates and efficient communication.

Precast in RC Frame Construction:

KWIK Precast specializes in supplying precast columns and walls for various commercial and residential towers. This approach enhances the speed and quality of construction compared to traditional in-situ concrete methods. Precast elements, particularly in the context of mixed-use buildings, play a crucial role in saving time and resources during construction. KWIK Precast’s expertise in producing these elements has allowed them to thrive in the construction industry.

IMPACT 3d Model

StruEngineers’ Role:

StruEngineers serves as an exclusive resource center for KWIK Precast, deploying highly skilled precast technicians dedicated to supporting the factory’s operations. The partnership is heavily reliant on StruSoft’s IMPACT BIM system, with StruEngineers’ expertise in precast modeling and detailing services playing a pivotal role. The IMPACT BIM system is instrumental in enhancing KWIK Precast’s efficiency.

Cloud-Based Collaboration:

StruEngineers’ offshore team operates on the Azure cloud system, which facilitates real-time communication and collaboration. This cloud-based system ensures that any modifications or changes are instantly communicated to the factory. This minimizes errors due to communication gaps and streamlines the entire production process. The 3D model is the central hub for communication, ensuring that everything is well-coordinated.

struengineers offshore model

Enabling KWIK Precast to focus on their primary functions:

The partnership with StruEngineers relieves KWIK Precast of the burdens associated with maintaining an in-house resource team, training personnel, and scaling up & scaling down human resources to meet the ever-changing demand of today’s dynamic market. The fixed fee for each resource provided by StruEngineers is cost-effective, simplifying administration and human resource management. Additionally, the client can focus exclusively on their core operations, as StruEngineers, their detailing partner, takes full responsibility for the intricacies of detailing and design, lightening KWIK Precast’s workload and allowing them to concentrate on their primary functions.

Synergetic Partnership:

This partnership between KWIK Precast and StruEngineers is mutually beneficial. While KWIK Precast enjoys the advantages of exclusive resources and expertise, StruEngineers benefits from a constant workflow and the opportunity to enhance their skills based on the specific requirements of the factory. The partnership demonstrates that long-term collaboration can yield significant benefits for both companies.

Additional Services:

In addition to precast support, StruEngineers also offers finite element method (FEM) design services for structural modeling. This service focuses on checking the stability of structures under given load combinations, making StruEngineers a versatile partner for KWIK Precast.


The precast partnership between KWIK Precast and StruEngineers is a testament to the power of collaboration and leveraging advanced technology. By providing exclusive resources, expertise in precast modeling, and real-time communication through cloud-based systems, this case study highlights how offshore collaboration can lead to mutual benefits and foster long-term relationships in the construction industry. This successful partnership continues to drive efficiency, quality, and innovation in precast construction.

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