IMPACT is an advanced software application for designing precast concrete building elements.

IMPACT Precast is specifically developed to handle different types of concrete elements and the connections between them. The user is able to design the entire building and create a three dimensional model (the Building Information Model – BIM) from which data for the elements can be extracted in order to automatically generate shop drawings, assembly drawings and reports.

The information includes reinforcement, cast-in material, joints, electrical- and other components for slabs, hollow core- and form slabs, walls, sandwich- and double walls and columns and beams. The user can choose from working in 2D, 3D or directly on the shop drawing. Standard components are stored in the BIM Standard Library.

All information is interlinked between the model, the drawings and the reports. One "Central Database" - BIM, collates all project information, allowing changes in the drawings to be immediately taken back to BIM, with a possibility of exporting data to Material and Planning Systems (ERP) and Machine Control Systems.


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