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Build fast and smart with our diverse range of BIM modelling services that span across modelling for Based Quantity Take-off (BOQ), MEP Coordination and 3D Clash Detection, Project Planning and Status Monitoring.

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BIM Services at StruEngineers

BIM Services at StruEngineers

At StruEngineers, a multidisciplinary team with advanced technical knowledge works hard on providing BIM services that enables effective communication and collaboration throughout your construction project. Gone are the days when construction documents were limited to 2-D CAD drawings. Today, a comprehensive digital representation of all the physical and functional aspects of a building can be realized with BIM.

StruEngineers deliver influential BIM services that can help you create, and even simulate, your product in every possible dimension. You can have the required control over the construction project, save considerable time and cost, and predict clashes to reduce on-site errors. Build fast and smart with our diverse range of BIM modelling services that span across modelling for Based Quantity Take-off (BOQ), MEP Coordination and 3D Clash Detection, Project Planning and Status Monitoring.

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What is BIM?

BIM is an intelligent 3D object based structural modelling solution. Unlike any other CAD application that draws lines, or a 3D rendering tool that produces impressive images, BIM is highly advanced and directly tackles the inefficiencies in the current systems. Leverage our BIM consulting services to create a virtual model of your building, assembled from detailed building components embedded with information about their material, size, function and finish.

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Services in BIM

Structural Modelling

Our state of the art IMPACT BIM software provides a 3D structural modelling platform for leading manufacturers, architects, consultants and developers around the world. We promise high precision and reliability in our production environments for your existing models from CAD, PDF or scanned drawings. You can continuously modify and add more levels of information to the concrete and precast models, ensuring that your design intent is fulfilled through each stage of the construction design process.

Structural design and analysis of precast concrete and steel structures can be pre-calculated on the basis of load test results from the model prototypes. Our team works with excellent cost optimization techniques and provides multiple iterative models to calculate the impact of costs on different design cases. StruEngineers offer BIM consulting services that include quantity takeoffs and cost estimates. We provide 3D structural models with connection for General Arrangement Drawings and Erection Drawings. With our Structural BOQ services, you can efficiently plan your finances as the construction work progresses. BIM based estimation services will help you generate a complete digital model to produce an exact bill of material and estimate the project cost. You can use the model to seek quick feedback on design assumptions, and have a quick turnaround time over project planning and scheduling.

3D Reinforcement

With new and progressive modeling technology in construction, designing of concrete and rebar detailing can now be modelled in 3D and 4D. StruEngineers help you utilize detailing applications, and optimize your design by tracking and controlling every structural element. We provide sophisticated and detailed 3D illustrations of reinforcement drawings with the precise flow of information involved in prefabricated element production and design. The quantity take-off on 3D reinforcement models are more dependable than 2D models which results in more accurate cost estimations. Our team at StruEngineers are dedicated to provide error-free planning for precast building projects, with benefits of latest development in 3D modeling and BIM for reinforcement concrete.

You can perform clash checking with better visualization leading to constructible rebar models. Such rebar models can be numbered automatically, in order to quickly generate drawings with bending schedules. We understand your challenging commitments and strive to provide 3D reinforcement models that can be loaded as reference models in the BIM environment. We have a customer-centric approach and our in-house software provides the tools to generate intelligent steel reinforcement models, drawings and schedules. The smart objects in our IMPACT Reinforcement software contain all necessary information to define rebar including shape code, bar mark, end hooks, leg lengths, and material.

Parametric Families

StruEngineers’ BIM team is serving its clients by providing parametric Revit families for furniture, doors, windows, walls, architectural facades etc. Parametric revit modeling allows users to create complex geometries that perform data driven tasks. In the AEC/Construction domain, Revit programme has been adopted as a preferred tool to make BIM models. All these BIM models essentially need parametric families specific to their project requirements.

Often our clients are engaged in live projects and assignments, finding it difficult to prepare these standard models before migrating to 3D models. At StruEngineers, we can take over the task at hand and prepare parametric cast-in-material components standards, such as system, loadable and in-place families. With the help of an industry expert team, StruEngineers provide such libraries in expected timelines and accuracy. We cater to a large section of the industry, such as clients operating precast factories and constructions or clients serving as a consultant in the industry.

Shop Drawings from BIM model

Shop drawing is an important pre-construction process that displays detailed construction drawing. StruEngineers is one of the best BIM service providers for section drawings, wall drawings, HVAC layouts, and consistent precast elements drawn with their very own IMPACT BIM system. We work closely with our clients and provide them with result oriented, technologically sound, shop drawing services that are compliant with all the latest standards and international codes.

We efficiently leverage our multi-disciplinary domain knowledge and years of experience to improve project efficiency and cost-margins. With advanced skills in the use of CAD software, we provide accurate, effective and high-quality shop drawings. Our portfolio includes numerous projects like industrial, commercial, residential, and many other projects that require intricate detailing and upgrade on CAD shop drawings. We aim to create value for our clients by integrating CAD software to their drawings and adopting to best structural engineering practices. Our flexible business model helps our clients to have phased deliverables and maintain project schedules as per their needs.


StruEngineers has an extensive knowledge and background in heavy timber frame construction. We perform calculations pertaining to beams, joists, foundations, purlins, headers, log ridge beams, basement retaining walls, and complete lateral load path with wind and seismic analysis. We work directly with our clients to design timber frames and provide 3D models for everyone working on the project – architects, constructors, engineers, detailers, and other crew members. Our developers, design engineers, and structural consultants are highly skilled to provide quality timber structural design that stands strong for years.

With StuEngineers, you can control the design process and work with our consultants to use our experience and expertise in achieving an integrated, sturdy and efficient timber frame design. Our team has intricate CAD drafting capabilities using AutoCAD and Rivet for all kinds of foundation plans, roof framing plans, floor framing plans, details and connections. We prevail on building strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers by emphasizing on attention-to-detail and follow-ups. We have over 35+ years of experience in the industry, and we continually adapt to new tools, technologies, and software that are required in designing of strong and reliable timber frames. We ensure that all our designs meet the National Building Codes and the loads for each building are calculated on the basis of occupancy, location, and usage of the structure.

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