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Case study : Structural design, 3D BIM modelling & production drawings for Residential project
(Precast Residential project)

The project design timelines were building in Lund, Sweden between June 2020 and November 2020. This precast project comprised two levels of parking, a ground floor and four floors with 2400 sq. mt. slab area and 2000 sq. mt. double wall area. While the site was in a congested area, here’s how we completed the precast project in a short period.


Our biggest hurdle was that the building was located in a congested area and was surrounded by existing buildings on all sides, limiting the sizes and weights of core precast elements….


The timeline for this project was fixed beforehand, and we adhered to it. World was experiencing COVID Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns during the timeline of the project. Thanks to cloud environment of StruSoft IMPACT…

Benefits to Client

We appointed a dedicated team of engineers who worked on cloud platforms enabling us to coordinate efficiently and accurate drawings were presented along with BOQ….

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