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Case study : Precast Concrete Detailing and BIM Modelling for Prefabricated Residential Buildings

(Precast Residential project)

Our client is a reputed Swedish company and is the largest prefabrication specialist in Sweden. They specialize in delivery of prefabricated concrete building systems, right from conceptual design to erection. This helps them to build structures economically, safely and quickly.

Precast Concrete Detailing and BIM Modelling

This is a residential project comprising 4 buildings and 6 storeys, offering 118 high-standard apartments, and located in Stockholm, Sweden.

The StruEngineers team was tasked with the detailing of all solid (internal) walls……

Adapting to Project Requirements

Rigorous coordination amongst the team was needed for such a huge residential project. The number of different parties and agencies involved all so made this a challenging task.

Production targets meant that the StruEngineers team started work on…..

Dedicated Team & Precast Experience

We provided our client with a dedicated team of engineers working on different projects with multiple factories in Sweden, giving them a centralized resource base.

Our prior knowledge and experience in the precast industry….

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