StruEngineers and StruSoft took part this weekend in Outward Bound Team activities, organised at the beautiful Sahyadri mountain ranges in Garudmachi located 75 km west of Pune.

Fifteen Employees from our Indian software development/QA team from Pune together with five Team Leaders from StruSoft, Sweden and Denmark participated in the event.

The Event was run by Mr. Surendra Chavan (Ex. Mount Everest mountaineer). Each activity was well planned giving lessons of team buildings, management and camaraderie. It helped in breaking the ice, understanding people and building trust in one other. Feedback from every team member was very positive and will help all of us in straightening the teams and enjoying each other’s success.

StruSoft’s Software Product Owners visit the Pune office twice a year to discuss the development roadmap for various products, feedback on development work, sprint reviews and training.

We are developing IMPACT RevitIMPACT Project Manager and IMPACT Reinforcement now in Pune and making a considerable progress through the Teams’ collaborative efforts.

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