About Client:

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Crescent Concrete is a Lahore based company with vast experience in field of construction, as a building material supplier. They have production facilities to produce AAC Blocks, Pavers, Tuff Tiles, Construction Materials, Kerb Stones etc. Also, they have biggest transport and cranes business in Pakistan, with a spread in Dubai as well.

We worked on preparation of foundation drawings of column and beam beds along with erection and production drawings with bar bending schedules, erection material lists and reports by using StruSoft AB’s IMPACT BIM; and helped Crescent Concrete achieve their vision of becoming the pioneers of Precast technology in Pakistan. To support this vision, we worked beyond our pre-defined scope of work with the endeavor to make Precast Structures more accessible in this region.


  1.  Since Crescent Concrete was in the process of setting up their first venture in Precast Concrete Structures and the industry in general, they needed our constant support.
  2. Constructing the shed at a reduced cost – as this was the first ever precast project in Pakistan.
  3. Creating marketing strategies and campaigns for a region that was being introduced to Precast Structures.
  4. Project size – The factory area was vast; spread over 180m x 20m, utilizing 4 x 150m Hollow Core Slab beds and 2 x 120m Column and Beam beds requiring very heavy pre-stresses.

3D Model and Impact Design


From the moment we signed up for this assignment, we knew this was going to go beyond our scope of work and with Crescent Concrete’s vision in sight; we were up for it. We appointed a single point of contact and dedicated an exclusive team for Crescent at our Pune office. With weekly and fortnightly review meetings, we could achieve the set targets in a stepwise manner. The reduction of grapevines helped us to avoid miscommunication and ensured smooth flow of operations. With our approach to “Value Engineering,” we were able to bring down the construction cost of the shed with precast structures, lower than if PEB was used instead.

Benefits to Client

  1. We appointed a single point of contact and an exclusively dedicated team of engineers for this project who worked relentlessly through digital media and used cloud platforms for creating drawings through BIMcontact.

  2. Reduced construction cost – Constructing the Shed using precast elements, worked out cheaper than a PEB shed of the same size.

  3. Assistance in marketing campaigns and strategies for successful implementation of the project.

  4. The involvement of the team from the conceptualization stage of the project helped in reducing the dependability on the client, thus saving valuable time for completion of the project.

  5. Effective communication via various media, e.g. video conferencing / cloud-based remote sharing tools, etc. bridged the gap between the client and the design team and helped in better coordination and communication between Crescent Concrete and StruEngineers.

  6. Value addition by advising effective accessories, beam and column mold designs, proper circulation space in factory layout considering daily operations and logistics within factory.

Struengineers client logo - Crescent concrete

“The entire StruEngineers team has been extremely cooperative and their consultation has helped us understand the benefits of precast construction. Their out-of-scope support, value adddition services with respect to technology, noble assistance in marketing activities, project coordination and extremely efficient delivery has been reassuring in attaining our vision. We look forward to having a long-term association with StruEngineers India Pvt. Ltd. & StruSoft AB.”

Nabil Wasim

Director Crescent Concrete, Lahore

Crescent Concrete - Lahore location project summary

Taking well-thought-out measures and being a proactive catalyst ensured the successful implementation of the project. We could help Crescent Concrete PVT LTD achieve its vision of a cost-efficient precast concrete factory shed. The implementation was executed in such a way that it reassured the client of achieving their vision in the long run. With careful use of StruSoft AB’s IMPACT BIM and an exclusively dedicated team working for the client reporting to a single point of contact, Crescent Concrete PVT LTD had a foolproof plan for their endeavors. Ready to take your venture ahead with the best help there is? Contact us!

Ready to take your venture ahead with the best help there is?