Situated in South-East London, the Goschen estate project is a new social housing development involving the StruEngineers team. We’ve once again teamed up with long-term clients WBD, after several previously successful collaborations.

RC Element Detailing

Located in the London Borough of Southwark, the development comprises 17 residential units across 2 blocks, one of 4 storeys and one of 5 storeys, and is part of a wider regeneration scheme.

As with previous projects for WBD, our team was initially able to provide a quick turnaround and accurate estimation for the RC element drawings required.

These included drawings for the building foundations, columns, floors and more. We provided 39 drawings in total, with each typically requiring between 16-20 hours work from our design and detailing team.

Online Project Management with BIMcontact

As part of the service, StruEngineers also provided WBD with BIMcontact free of charge. BIMcontact is a web-based document management solution and was used to manage all the drawing files for the project.

This was especially useful when you consider that a lot of the drawing work took place during the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown. With a unique IFC-viewer, mobile accessibility, and cloud storage, BIMcontact lets everyone involved in the project access definitive files when they need to, and wherever they are.

In a future where increased remote working is a certainty, BIMcontact is the way forward. Miles Cristoforides, Senior Structural Engineer, from WBD Group said, “BIMcontact has a thumbs up from me. I found it intuitive and easy to use.”

Files are all stored in one place with auto-synchronisation and complete control over file versions. You can customise permissions and view, review, and comment on drawings and 3D models from any device.

All these things mean you can do away with complicated and confusing email trails and uncertainty over file versions.

Most importantly in the case of the Goschen Estate project, it meant no unnecessary delays – staff working remotely could ensure the detailing workflow carried on throughout lockdown.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

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