Our client is a reputed Swedish company and is the largest prefabrication specialist in Sweden. They specialize in delivery of prefabricated concrete building systems, right from conceptual design to erection. This helps them to build structures economically, safely and quickly.

Precast Concrete Production Drawings

This is an industrial project comprising the detailing of production drawings for solid and facade walls for the ground floor of a building located in Sundbyberg, Sweden.

The building had a height of around 3.1 m, and includes a built-up area of around 3,870 sqm. In total, 2,015 sqm of precast concrete solid walls were detailed, utilising 1,800 man hours.

Complicated Connections and Heavy Loads

The project consisted of a ground floor built up of precast walls and hollow core slabs supporting 5 storeys of timber structure.

A number of heavy loads were coming from the structure above, necessitating a large number of complicated connections and heavy reinforcement.

A certain part of the ground floor was also designed to allow vehicle entry, hence there were lots of adjustments in exposure classes. These complicated reinforcement drawings were detailed expertly by the StruEngineers team.

Dedicated Team & Precast Experience

We provided our client with a dedicated team of engineers working on different projects with multiple factories in Sweden, giving them a centralized resource base.

Our prior knowledge and experience in the precast industry, plus ability to work in the local language was a huge advantage.

Effective communication via video conferencing and remote sharing tools helped to bridge different factories across Sweden, and ultimately resulted in better coordination between our team and the client.

StruEngineers provided a connection library prepared in BIM, which was used in preparing 3D erection drawings. This was made possible due to a dedicated BIM expert working for the client.

“The turnaround time of StruEngineers’ team was admired for a complicated project like this.”

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Let’s Make Things Happen

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