We designed a precast residential project, single storey building in TORSÅS, Sweden. The precast project comprised four buildings. Our team adopted client specific standards easily and here’s how we completed the precast project in one month’s timeline.

About Client

Client is one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers and has over the years gained vast experience in the production and development of prefabricated concrete products.

Precast Concrete Design Support


  1. These buildings were having complicated support arrangement of precast elements.
  2. Client requested for repetitive precast elements even though the buildings were different.


  1. With the help of StruSofts IMPACT software, highly qualified and experienced team, we able to achieve repetition of Precast elements.
  2. Support arrangement is provided with detailed connection calculation with the help of one of the industry leading FEM Design software.

Precast residential project designs

Benefits to Client

In a shorter period, StruEngineers team adopted client specific standards easily. StruEngineers team deliver the project in given time despite modifications. Our designs and regular communication with client helped element production efficiency and cost saving.

StruEngineers team adopted the client specific standards easily while delivering the precast element design & detailing, shop drawings and erection drawings.

Error free and timely delivery impressed the client. Client is a existing user of IMPACT software and because of that he has vast libraries of cast in material which helped us speedy development of the precast residential project.

A precast residential project in the TORSÅS, Sweden meant that we had to be on our toes. Since we were engaged at a nascent stage of the project, we dedicated a team to plan the execution of the project to the minutest of detail. With the help of StruSoft AB’s software suite, we could change the precast structural drawings with ease and ensure deliverables on time. Plan your project with us for successful implementation with quick turnarounds. Contact us now!

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