We designed a residential, multi storey building in Lund, Sweden a picturesque town known for it’s University.

The project design timelines were building in Lund, Sweden between June 2020 and November 2020. This precast project comprised two levels of parking, a ground floor and four floors with 2400 sq. mt. slab area and 2000 sq. mt. double wall area. While the site was in a congested area, here’s how we completed the precast project in a short period.

About Client: KP Betong is a supplier of concrete and precast concrete products to construction companies. The factory is located in the municipality of Burlöv between Malmö and Lund and started its production in 2016.

Lund Sweden

Photo credits: Bob Collowan – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=90224151


  1. Our biggest hurdle was that the building was located in a congested area and was surrounded by existing buildings on all sides, limiting the sizes and weights of core precast elements.
  2. The building had vertical and horizontal offsets along with variation in floor levels, which made each floor different from the other floors.
  3. The constraint of space meant that the final architectural drawing and RC detailing required multiple changes, which meant that delayed the project.
  4. There were many critical structural arrangements required to be made because of the architectural demands such as stair top slab with big openings and minimal wall support, changes in wall positions along with floors, big openings in the wall with no wall beam above openings.
St Mikael project site photo

3D Model and Impact Design

St Mikael project site photo from top work in process

Site photo – St. Mikael


The timeline for this project was fixed beforehand, and we adhered to it. World was experiencing COVID Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns during the timeline of the project. Thanks to cloud environment of StruSoft IMPACT BIM; StruEngineers delivered the design and drawings on time. All our team members were working from home using cloud version of IMPACT which enables us to deliver as per our committed timeline.

We began working on the project in the preliminary phase through deliveries in June 2020. The shop drawing delivery was completed as ready for production in August 2020, and the entire project was completed and handed over in November 2020.

We approached this project in a stepwise manner and thus had expected the duration. Further, to complete this project, we used precast concrete design software from our parent company, StruSoft AB’s IMPACT & BIM, completed Bill of Quantities and FEM Design. We also appointed dedicated personnel who overlooked the project in its entirety. Since the structural design and detailing were finalized through precast software, we could plan the execution and chalk a timeline for the completion of the project.

Benefits to Client

  1. We appointed a dedicated team of engineers who worked on cloud platforms enabling us to coordinate efficiently and accurate drawings were presented along with BOQ.
  2. We used StruSoft’s FEM-Design software for optimized designing of Form slab & screed reinforcement.
  3. Our vast experience of over 35 years and in-depth knowledge in the Precast industry and experience working in the local language reduced the language barrier to a great extent.
  4. The involvement of the team from the conceptualization stage of the project helped in reducing the dependability on the client, thus saving valuable time for completion of the project.
  5. Effective communication via various media, e.g. videoconferencing/client-based remote sharing tools etc. bridging different factories across Sweden helped in better coordination and communication between client and StruEngineers.
  6. StruEngineers provided the connection library prepared in BIM, which is to be used in preparing 3D erection drawings using modern BIM tools. This was possible because of a dedicated BIM expert working for the client
St Mikael project site photo

FEM Design Models

Calculation and design of form slabs plus structural screed

st mikael project elements

Site Photos

Integrating a majority of services under one roof along with the proper utilization of appropriate precast software from our parent company, StruSoft AB resulted in a swift delivery and competition of the project amid some constraints. Since we, as consultants, were involved in this project from the planning stage, we exactly knew how to tackle the challenges and that helped us to complete the project in this short duration.

A residential building in the heart of Lund, Sweden meant that we had to be on our toes. Since we were engaged at a nascent stage of the project, we dedicated a team to plan the execution of the project to the minutest of detail. With the help of StruSoft AB’s software suite, we could change the precast structural drawings with ease and ensure deliverables on time. Plan your project with us for successful implementation with quick turnarounds. Contact us now!

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