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Reinforced Concrete Detailing

Reinforced Concrete is the mainstay of any construction activity. RC detailing for construction projects are highly structured endeavours involving RC drawing, reinforcement concrete designing, 3D modelling, rebar detailing, reinforcement plan and bar bending schedules. At StruEngineers, we provide the all-round engineering support needed to optimize your RC concrete projects.

Take advantage of our team’s global expertise and accomplished design opportunities, which include an extensive range of national and international standards. Whether it is building a high-rise tower or a single-dwelling residence, our team of skilled detailers provides RC drawings and engineering services supported by powerful RC detailing software.

From the initial design concept and structural analysis right through to shop drawings and fabrication, we will provide you with value engineering services and technical support. Work with our rebar detailing IMPACT Reinforcement software to provide precise details of bends, shapes, and lap slices, while giving accurate input of dimensions conforming to specific design codes and standards.

As we promise to help you visualize, simulate, and document excellent graphical illustrations of your RC detailing plan, we also promise to respond and adapt to your requirements quickly. You can get more secure time schedules, exact material take-offs, and fewer errors in the design increasing the chances to speed up the planning process.

With detailing and estimation services from StruEngineers, you can efficiently envision any reinforced concrete shape and model it to absolute accuracy.

With the help of exports to bar bending machines, IMPACT Reinforcement provide compatible format. It enables us to provide accurate rebar detailing and bar bending schedules while adapting to last-minute changes and following the strict timelines.

Our structural engineering consultants are well equipped, our own products FEM-Design, WIN-Statik which are giving efficient analysis of building structures and design of concrete elements. You can take total control of your rebar standards and quickly review the design workflow in actual time.

StruEngineers understands your challenging schedules and commitments and responds to provide you timely delivery of service.

We’ll support you at all stages of an RC Detailing project

Reinforced Concrete Drawing and Detailing Services

For various elements, including floor slabs, columns.
Shop drawings, processes and software integration, automation.
For residential, commercial, industrial and public sector projects.
Full BIM workflow, documentation and project management.

What to expect when you work with us

What to expect when you work with us

RC Projects

StruEngineers are globally recognized as one of the top structural engineering consultants providing the best RC detailing services. We have worked with leading manufacturers, architects, consultants, and developers around the world. Our varied project portfolio includes residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, reflecting absolute passion and analytical creativity for structures. From hospitals to car parks and single dwellings to high-rise apartments, we plan, design, and deliver value engineering for our clients.

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