The Precast Construction Industry in the Indian context is at a nascent stage and the opportunities that it offers are abundant. While it remains to be an unexplored aspect, it certainly cannot be neglected sticking to the conventional methods in today’s fast paced times.

Speakers and Agenda

Join presenters Paul Tate, Vice President, Marketing, StruSoft, and Sandeep Sharma, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, StruEngineers for our webinar Precast Construction-Cost Effective & Time Saving Approach where we help you discover how you can benefit from it for your own projects as well as a service for projects of your peers.

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We realized that the Precast Industry brings with it some misconceptions and there’s fear in the minds of potential investors who are weary of what is an extremely effective and efficient system that is easy to implement.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Precast SWOT analysis
  • How to make a wise investment for precast construction?
  • Precast in India
  • Building Information Modelling for Precast

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