Hello everyone, first of all we would like to thank you all for such an overwhelming response for our last webinar. While all the structural engineers and construction companies are facing challenges and finding the ways to reduce the costs in their construction process, we are happy and excited to announce our second webinar in this month that will deal with this very aspect. We are announcing “Webinar on the Most Economical and Advanced Software for 3D Modelling of Reinforcement in RC Structures”.


In this webinar, we will be discuss about and perform a live demo of IMPACT Reinforcement software. This software is the finest example of Swedish Technology, but at the same time it is almost three times economical than the generally available software in the market. Also, it has flexibility to work CAD platforms like BricsCAD and AutoCad.

Along with the cost advantage, this software comes with a short learning curve and great local support. Due to its cost advantage, this feature rich software is becoming the first preference of structural engineering firms and construction companies, looking for low cost and timely delivery in their Reinforced Concrete Modelling projects.

Registrations Closed

Who can participate in the webinar?

  • Structural engineers
  • Construction companies
  • Architects
  • Project Management Consultants
  • Civil engineering students/freshers : Graduate and Postgraduate
  • Civil engineering institutes, CAD education companies

Webinar will include:

  • General overview of Reinforced Concrete Modelling
  • Introduction to the leading European Software for Reinforced Concrete Modelling, that is not just very economical but also the most advanced
  • Showcase of live project’s reinforcement detailing using IMPACT Reinforcement
  • Q & A session

Benefits for the participants:

  • Learn how to create automatic schedules save enormous time in Reinforced Concrete Modelling
  • Learn how to export data and allow connections with machinery
  • Learn how to achieve quick drafting of rebar and speed up your detailing work of Reinforced Concrete Modelling
  • Learn how to automatically save changes and avoid design conflicts in your Reinforced Concrete Modelling projects
  • Certificate of webinar participation
  • Interested participants can get Trial Licence of IMPACT Reinforcement with training support, free of cost, after the completion of webinar

Webinar Speaker:

Mr. Vilas Patil :- Team Lead, Rebar Detailing and Modelling Expert

At StruEngineers, Mr. Vilas is leading a team in a fast-paced iterative development environment. He is a very experienced speaker and he is taking care of managing all Quality Assurance (QA) activities including planning, strategy and test execution. He has considerable expertise in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Unit Testing.

Webinar Registration Fees:

Participant’s time.

(There is no participation fees for the webinar participants. Also, we will be providing Trial Licence of IMPACT Reinforcement with training support, free of cost, to the interested webinar participants, after the completion of webinar)

Registrations Closed

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