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With their prefabricated Flexwall product and vast experience in the field, Pre-Con are leaders in the Canadian precast market. Their projects often require great flexibility due to changing client requirements, and this poses significant challenges. Timely delivery of production drawings and construction documents is paramount, directly affecting the casting schedule of elements and erection on site.


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As part of Pre-Con’s latest co-operation with the StruEngineers team, we have provided erection and production drawings along with bar bending schedule, erection material lists and reports for a project with a total area of 170,000 sq. ft. Working closely alongside their in-house team, we can react quickly to any changes or modifications required. Our ability to provide Pre-Con with a settled and exclusive support team, and know-how with their standards, has enabled us to keep pace with their project demands and schedules.

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Working alongside StruEngineers’ Indian brings its own benefits to the client. The time difference between India and Canada is advantageous, as Pre-Con Canada can send instructions and our team can respond and get to work overnight. This means turnaround times are quick, and pressure on project schedules can be reduced. An exclusive and dedicated team working on their projects means consistency in the quality of work provided, and our knowledge of international standards is a prerequisite for effective co-operation. A single point of contact within StruEngineers, and our ability to offer BIMcontact, a cloud-based collaboration tool, means miscommunication can be avoided. All project related data is available, document revisions are clear, removing the need for confusing email trails and attachments. With fluctuating project workflows, our ability to make engineering resources available on demand has contributed to the successful completion of Pre-Con projects, gives them the flexible support they need and frees them from costly overheads.

“Reflecting on 2020, we (the PreCon Engineering team), appreciate StruEngineers support and efforts to successfully complete our project together.”

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