In today’s fast-paced construction industry, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionized the way projects are designed, constructed, and managed. StruEngineers India Pvt Limited, based in Pune, India, has emerged as a leading BIM services provider, for precast projects offering its expertise to clients both domestically and internationally. With a strong track record of successful collaborations and a commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology, StruEngineers is your go-to partner for all your BIM needs. In this article, we will explore how StruEngineers leverages the power of software, such as IMPACT, including the IMPACT Project Manager, to provide comprehensive BIM services.

The Power of BIM Services

BIM services have become indispensable for architects, engineers, contractors, and developers, as they enable enhanced collaboration, cost savings, improved efficiency, and accurate project visualization. StruEngineers India Pvt Limited understands the potential of BIM and has built a strong reputation in delivering high-quality BIM services to clients around the globe.

BIM services provided by StruEngineers, BIM modelling services

Collaboration Beyond Boundaries

Despite being based in Pune, India, StruEngineers works with clients from various countries, catering to their diverse BIM requirements. Whether these are precast construction projects in the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Africa, StruEngineers has the expertise to provide seamless BIM services across borders. Let’s look at a case study of international collaborations:

Hi-Therm Homes (HTH), Ireland:

HTH, based in Ireland, is both a builder and a precast manufacturer, and our partnership with them spans over two years. Our collaboration began with a precast design and detailing assignment for a single villa, where HTH, already well-versed in the benefits of precast technology, swiftly ventured into precast element manufacturing. Since then, they have embarked on a series of precast projects at multiple locations in Ireland, ensuring efficient construction and leveraging the advantages that precast elements offer.

The BIM activity at HTH end

By the time they reached their third project, HTH recognized the immense power of IMPACT BIM and made the decision to subscribe to the “Project Manager” module. This module revolutionized their precast operations, offering a range of essential features, including:

  • Creating erection sequence plans and 3D simulations
  • Planning crane capacities and lifting operations
  • Setting target dates for drawings
  • Planning transport deliveries
  • Scheduling production

The significance of maintaining the correct sequence in precast operations cannot be underestimated. It plays a vital role in minimizing the number of times a precast element is handled, optimizing efficiency, saving valuable time, and reducing the potential risk of damage to the elements. The Project Manager module of IMPACT BIM empowers HTH to streamline their processes and achieve enhanced productivity and project success.

BIM activity at StruEngineers

At StruEngineers, we utilize the “Design Module” of IMPACT to undertake the structural design for HTH projects. HTH shares their architectural drawings with us, and our expert team develops the precise structural design for the project. Leveraging the capabilities of the Design Module, we ensure meticulous design and detailing for every precast element involved. Shop drawings are generated for each individual precast element, which are then shared with HTH, enabling them to proceed seamlessly with element production.

This collaborative process takes place effortlessly over the cloud, eliminating the need for extensive email exchanges with numerous file attachments that can potentially result in confusion and file duplication. Our commitment to efficient communication and streamlined collaboration has resulted in a seamless workflow with HTH, allowing us to proudly announce that we are now collaborating on their impressive 15th project within a remarkably short span of two years.

StruEngineers working

IMPACT: Empowering StruEngineers’ BIM Services

To efficiently handle BIM projects and ensure seamless communication with clients across the globe, StruEngineers utilizes IMPACT, a powerful software solution. Within the IMPACT suite, the IMPACT Project Manager, combined with its cloud capabilities, plays a crucial role in supporting precast project management and bringing together various aspects of precast operations.

The IMPACT Project Manager is a highly customizable software designed to support your precast projects. It enables you to create erection sequence plans and simulations, plan crane capacities and lifting, set target dates for drawings, manage transport deliveries, schedule production, and much more. This comprehensive suite of features streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, and ensures effective project management.

One of the key advantages of the IMPACT is its cloud capability. By leveraging cloud technology, StruEngineers can collaborate with international clients seamlessly, regardless of geographical barriers. The cloud-based infrastructure allows team members, regardless of their location, to access project data in real-time. This feature facilitates efficient communication, minimizes delays, and enables faster decision-making, making it easier to work across different time zones and coordinate with clients abroad.

The cloud capabilities of the IMPACT Project Manager empower StruEngineers to effectively collaborate with international clients, ensuring seamless communication and efficient project management. By leveraging the software’s comprehensive features, customizable interface, and cloud capabilities, StruEngineers delivers exceptional BIM services to clients abroad while maximizing productivity and streamlining precast operations.

Conclusion – StruEngineers as a trusted BIM services provider

StruEngineers India Pvt Limited has established itself as a trusted BIM services provider, extending its expertise to clients across the globe. Through international collaborations with prominent companies, StruEngineers has demonstrated its ability to deliver exceptional BIM services beyond borders.

Powered by the comprehensive IMPACT software suite, including the IMPACT Project Manager, StruEngineers ensures seamless communication, efficient collaboration, and accurate project management. By choosing StruEngineers as your BIM services provider, you can unlock the true potential of BIM, streamline your construction projects, and achieve enhanced project outcomes. Contact StruEngineers today to experience the benefits of their world-class BIM services.

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