Today, we can see that the Indian construction majors are adopting precast concrete technology in constructing their latest projects. Precast concrete technology is a durable and versatile technology for construction. In this technology the different elements or panels of concrete are produced under strict quality control measures in state of the art factories by highly trained personnel, with virtually no wastage. There are dedicated precast factories which serve produce for multiple construction projects as well as on-site precast factories which serve a particular construction project. 

Precast concrete technology consists of custom-designed precast concrete elements such as: roof slabs, 

  • beams
  • columns
  • wall panels
  • partition walls
  • load bearing walls
  • facades
  • preinstalled windows
  • staircases
  • central core

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These elements offer flexibility in size and shape with a variety of surface finishes and colour options. With precast concrete technology, the developers have a world of creative possibilities in application and design. Precast concrete technology also offers an abundance of choice for the engineers and architects to build unique high quality buildings.

In precast concrete technology, the precast elements are manufactured or cast in strictly controlled environment with state of the art machinery by the experts. These elements are then erected on the site with the help of the cranes. Then the precast elements are joined together as per specification with grouts and screed to provide the required strength and rigidity to the structure

Key factors which are enabling the growth of precast concrete technology in India are:

  • quality
  • speed of construction
  • value-for-money
  • avoiding large labour force on site
  • almost 1/3rd less delivery time than the conventional methods
  • delivering quality products
  • large spans can be achieved using prestressed elements

It is estimated that the precast concrete technology can save up to 64% of the time taken for similar projects using the old and traditional construction methods and technology.

Cost Considerations

The following practical considerations makes precast concrete technology the best choice for almost all types of construction projects:

  • wastage-control
  • speed of construction
  • best of quality
  • virtually no repair or reworking cost

There is a great potential in the India market to become a major hub for the precast concrete technology across the globe. We at StruEngineers are providing end-to-end solutions for the precast concrete technology. Our 35 years of legacy and international expertise is contributing to clients across the globe. We are happy to invite you to explore our services, for your construction projects.


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