In the realm of engineering, there’s a dynamic interplay between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Striking the right balance between these two facets is the key to creating competent professionals for the future. StruEngineers, with its commitment to fostering the engineers of tomorrow, has always been a fervent advocate of this approach. Recently, we had the opportunity to implement this philosophy in collaboration with JSPM College, Pune University.

We had the privilege of welcoming a team of four bright and enthusiastic interns from JSPM College. Right from day one, we were committed to providing them with a well-rounded experience that encapsulated every aspect of our professional journey. The focal point of their training program was our proprietary IMPACT BIM (Building Information Modelling) system, an advanced platform that has redefined the way we approach engineering projects.

In an attempt to make their experience truly immersive, we ensured that the interns were involved in live projects under the guidance of our experienced team. This initiative proved to be a phenomenal success, as the interns were able to apply their academic knowledge to real-world scenarios.

One of the interns, Bhushan, shares his experience:

“The internship at StruEngineers was truly a step forward from the classrooms of JSPM College to the professional world. Getting hands-on experience with the IMPACT BIM system and being a part of live projects were invaluable experiences. This has indeed helped bridge the gap between my academic knowledge and its practical application.”

Senior Engineer Sagar Kharde, who worked closely with the interns, observed,

“The JSPM, Pune University interns were a breath of fresh air in our daily operations. Their willingness to learn, combined with their innovative ideas, brought a new dimension to our projects. It was a rewarding experience to see them transform their theoretical knowledge into practical solutions.”

Reflecting on the successful internship program, HR Manager, Mr. Aniket Thanage, stated,

“The internship initiative with JSPM College, Pune University has been a remarkable journey. Witnessing these young engineers grow and apply their academic learnings into the professional field has been deeply fulfilling. We look forward to future collaborations and continuing to bridge the gap between academia and industry.”


Our experience with the interns from JSPM College, Pune University has been nothing short of inspiring. Their journey from classrooms to the forefront of live projects has re-emphasized the importance of blending academic knowledge with industry experience. We are confident that this hands-on exposure will serve as a solid foundation for their future engineering pursuits.

As we continue to engage and foster young talent, we are eager to see the heights they will reach in the field of engineering. At StruEngineers, we believe that by bridging the gap between academia and the industry, we are not just shaping individuals, but the future of engineering itself.

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