Mass Housing Project at Canada & New Zealand

StruPCS conducted a concept design study, pre-bid documentations, and a Master layout development plan for a Mass Housing Project at two locations, Canada and New Zealand. The client, wanted swift deliverables within 5 weeks for both locations and was looking to bid for Mass Housing Projects. Since client is primarily in Timber construction, they also required support to understand and implement a Precast Concrete Factory and use resources wisely. Here’s how we implemented the project. 

Key parameters of the proposed project:

  1. This proposed project is a modern Precast village, with 220 acres of land development with 3D PPVC technology to build it rapidly and efficiently.
  2. There are 1290 dwelling units with 5 types of buildings: 12 storey, 5 storey & 3 storey.
  3. With 450 Detached, semi-detached and bungalow units.
  4. Expected population of this modern village is 4,500 people.
  5. Project is divided into 5 phases of 3 years of construction time.
  6. All modern amenities such as convenience stores, cinema hall, gymnasiums, water bodies, are planned.
St. mikael actual site location

Challenges for StruPCS:

  1. Client had no prior experience in precast concrete construction, but they were exploring the opportunities in this industry.
  2. Severe constraints on the duration of meetings and interactions regarding the time difference between the three countries.
  3. The project duration was quite short, with expectations of quick deliverables within five weeks. This meant that time for conducting surveys and studies was quite less.
  4. Considering New-Zealand and Canada geography locations, both countries had varied geographic conditions, climatic differences, and high seismic zones. Canada is far cooler than New Zealand, where New Zealand is high seismic zone.
  5. Sustainability of the structures and reducing the carbon footprint.
  6. Designing codal provisions which are the key factors for both countries that determine the jointing of the precast elements, amount of reinforcement steel to be used, and the statutes to comply in both countries.

Architectural Drawing

StruPCS - Precast Consulting Services from StruEngineers. This is impact software screenshot.


The project was discussed with multiple consultants beforehand but passed on because it had tight deadlines. Within five weeks meant the deliverables were fixed and precise and had to be delivered on time because of the bids for Mass Housing Projects. We assigned a dedicated team for this project. To meet the tight deadline, we worked round the clock and interacted with Client daily to resolve issues. We are also helping Client for identifying JV partners and develop documents like construction method, helping in pre-bidding phases, etc. to win the project. StruEngineers and Client have signed a MoU to work closely for the Canada and New Zealand project. We’re also providing our best support for developing a master plan and a concept design study through well settled exclusive teams, knowhow of Precast technology, and well reactive responses to challenging timelines and ever-changing end client demands.

Benefits to Client:

  1. StruEngineers offers both Architectural and Precast structural engineering services to its clients. While making building layouts for this 100-acre land project (s), both the in-house teams worked concurrently to make sure the layouts are conceptualized considering the suitability to precast technology. Unit weights, element sizes, locations of stair cores, etc are well planned in the concept stage. There is no more iteration required between the Architecture and Structural team, which is the usual bottleneck in the design stage.
  2. With Client based in Canada and we in India, we provisioned a dedicated team of engineers. The time difference meant that we worked round the clock and resolved queries efficiently. There also were daily interactions for swift resolving of issues.
  3. Client was also assigned a single point of contact to avoid any miscommunication among teams.
  4. StruPCS provided a perfect solution for varied geographic conditions in Canada & New Zealand. All the proposed designs are done considering energy efficiency, wind forces, ventilations, etc.
  5. The client was provided with services beyond work encompassing consulting for precast setup and marketing support as well, true to our vision at StruPCS. With a simplified and time-based iterative approach, the client received comprehensive support to achieve their endeavors.
  6. Our engineers worked on cloud platforms and software IMPACT BIM enabling us to coordinate efficiently and accurately, drawings were presented and completed and also reduced the workability of the designs which otherwise becomes more challenging if not considered in the concept stage.
  7. Sustainability of the structures and carbon footprints are also taken care of while doing the design. For example, to avoid pollution PPVC technology (3D Precast) has been adopted.
  1. Our knowledge of precast factory set up and equipment, we put right efforts to make the workable designs which otherwise become more challenging if not considered in concept stage.
  2. Since this is Client’s maiden venture into setting up a Precast Concrete Construction facility, we provided them with a holistic consultation for wise and precise investment in plant and machinery. We also helped them with the successful implementation of the plant.
StruPCS - Precast Consulting Services from StruEngineers. This is impact software screenshot.
StruPCS - Precast Consulting Services from StruEngineers. This is impact software screenshot.
StruPCS - Precast Consulting Services from StruEngineers. This is impact software screenshot.

The StruEngineers team has been a blessing in disguise and they’ve been very cooperative, and their out-of-scope support has helped us in a big way to understand the benefits of precast construction. They convinced us and showed us the benefits of precast concrete construction in the long run and also helped us in setting up the project. They also helped us in marketing activities, project coordination, and delivery on time has been excellent. Their prompt delivery within a short span of five weeks reassured us and we look forward to this long-term association with StruSoft and StruEngineers.

-Client (Executive Director)

A Mass Housing Project at two distinct geographical locations on a tight timeline had us on our toes, but with meticulous planning, we, at StruPCS, were able to execute the project on time. Going the extra mile, true to our mission at StruPCS, we also brought about awareness regarding the precast concrete industry and successfully implemented it at both locations. Are you looking for a holistic approach in the Precast Structure, Precast Design, and Detailing space? Contact us for more information! 

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