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Take advantage of our combined expertise, built on experience of many precast markets around the world. We have served over 25+ factories across 20+ countries.

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Precast Concrete Design and Detailing by struengineers

Precast Concrete Design and Detailing

How often do you envision greatness, and then upon execution it is just a good enough structure? In this technologically advanced era, it is time to move on from paper drawings and let a highly efficient software make an IMPACT. 

At StruEngineers, we provide the engineering support you need to optimize your precast concrete projects. Take advantage of our combined expertise, built on experience of many precast markets around the world. We have served over 25+ factories across 20+ countries. 

From the initial design concept right through to the production, we help you visualize, simulate, and document excellent graphical illustrations of your construction projects. Supported by the powerful software platforms and development teams of our parent company, StruSoft AB, we are able to respond and adapt to your requirements quickly.

Casting of precast elements in a described manner and achieving the right product in the factory totally depends on accurate design and detailing. Our efficient software solution, IMPACT BIM, is targeted at modelling & detailing and planning of precast concrete elements. We utilize our own software solution to provide precast element modelling and detailing IMPACT BIM can skilfully handle precast concrete detailing of columns, beams, walls, insulated walls, slabs, hollow cores, and filigree elements in the wall.

Successful adoption of precast technology in the construction domain depends on effective planning and implementation. We help you realize what the structure will actually look like way before the actual construction begins. The complete workflow of all areas of precast engineering can be visualized through our software. You can get more secure time schedules, exact material take-offs, and fewer errors in the design increasing the chances to speed up the planning process. 

Our value engineering services, and technical support helps you maintain a central BIM database that links all your construction projects together. Take control of all your precast processes from design, development, quality control, stockyard, transport, and erection. BIM services with 3D precast detailing are available with full IFC integration, eliminating boundaries between reality and imagination, showing a rich three-dimensional world. 


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We’ll support you at all stages of a precast project

Structural Analysis & Design

structural engineering services by struengineers 4
  • Detailed designing of precast elements with FEM Design, Pre-Stress, and Win-Statik

  • Stability analysis (gravity/lateral) conforming to an extensive range of national and international standards

  • Feasibility study of proposed layouts based on suitability, design basis, stability analysis along with BOQ of concrete, steel consumptions

  • Precast element connection/joint design

  • Make the project structurally and economically viable

  • Preliminary submission drawings for equipment verification, orientation and integration

  • Layout Drawings and Framing Plans with several views in one drawing

  • Elevation drawings showing all external and internal walls

  • Foundation Plan and Anchor Bolt Plan

  • Ensure heights, overall dimensions, and equipment locations are appropriate

  • Stability calculations for wind load

  • Floor Plans, Joint Reinforcement, Reinforcement Plan and Bar Bending Schedules

  • Assembly Drawings, Single Part Drawings, Multi Part Drawings, Bolt & Weld Lists

  • Ensure heights, overall dimensions, and equipment locations are appropriate

General Arrangement & Erection Drawings

structural GA drawing by struengineers

Production & Shop Drawings

shop drawings by struengineers 4
  • Consistent Precast Elements drawn with the IMPACT BIM system.

  • Section Drawings, HVAC Ducting & Equipment Layout, Single Services Drawings

  • Elements such as sandwich walls, solid walls,

  • Pre-stressed or Normal Reinforced solid slabs and beams

  • Balcony slabs, Hollow core slabs, Double T slabs, and Form/Filigree

  • Double Twin walls, Inverted T or Ledge beams/girders, stair flights and landing slabs

  • Modelling & Requisite Data to run the operations with IMPACT BIM system

  • Plotters, Lasers, and Shuttering Robots

  • Cut and bend reinforcement machinery

  • Production, cast, stack and transport planning

  • Any specific machine data format exports e.g., Unitek, BVBS, pXML, HMS, etc.

General Arrangement & Erection Drawings

structural GA drawing by struengineers

Construction documentation

pre con canada site photo
  • IMPACT BIM & BIMcontact helps prepare comprehensive and accurate construction documents

  • List of drawings, mentioning revision log

  • List of cast in materials (embedment)

  • List of erection materials (connection plates, etc)

  • Full Project Erection Simulation

  • Trace elements with IMPACT Project and IMPACT Mobile app

  • Visualize and eliminate onsite challenges with BIM Modelling and IFC Model

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Precast Projects

StruEngineers are globally recognized as one of the top structural engineering consultants providing the best precast and reinforced concrete design and detailing services. We have worked with leading manufacturers, architects, consultants, and developers around the world. Our varied project portfolio includes residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, reflecting absolute passion and analytical creativity for structures. From hospitals to car parks and single dwellings to high-rise apartments, we plan, design, and deliver value engineering for our clients.

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